My baby's development: Month 11

Your baby is making big, new discoveries

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My 11-month-old baby: Keep baby-proofing your home

My 11-month-old baby: keep baby-proofing your home

Your 11-month-old baby might explore your home more than ever before. He is probably cruising while holding on to furniture, standing (with a few wobbles), and fascinated with stairs he can climb up but not down. Consider taking new steps to protect him. Plus, keep talking to him and introducing simple concepts.

Ensure your baby's safety at 11 months old

Help ensure your baby's safety at 11 months old

It is a good idea to buy safety gates or other barriers that are high and sturdy and to install them at the top and bottom of stairs. Here are other baby-safety tips:

  • Clear his play area of hard, sharp-edged furniture.
  • Lower his crib mattress so he cannot crawl or fall out while he stands.
  • Install easy-to-use childproof locks for drawers, screens, doors, and windows.
  • Stay close to your baby near water — pools, tubs, large buckets of water, and even toilets.
  • Move cooking pots and pans containing hot foods away from the edges of tables and counters.
  • Insert plug protectors in any unused electrical outlets.
  • Store poisonous substances (including household cleaners and products) in high cabinets that you can lock. (If you think your baby has eaten something poisonous, immediately call the Poison Control Center, the hospital emergency room, or your baby's health care professional.)

Engage your 11-month-old baby's growing brain

He might not use real words yet, but your baby can point to a favorite book or toy when you ask. And as he continues to babble, he might even say a word or two. His volume might go from yelling to whispering as he finds his voice, but he continues to build his vocabulary and understanding of words, sentences, and sounds. Take the time to teach him the names of people, places, and things in his world.

Here are other ways to build your 11-month-old baby's hand-eye coordination:

  • Help him walk with (or without) support.
  • Ask him to find his favorite toy in his toy basket.
  • Provide push/pull toys for him to play with.
  • Roll or toss a large ball back and forth.
  • Encourage him to pick up a toy off the floor from the standing position without holding on to anything.

11-month-old baby developmental milestones

Keep in mind that every baby develops on a different schedule, but by the end of month 11, your baby likely will be able to do the following:

  • Walk with one hand held
  • Drink from a cup
  • Say one word other than "mama" or "dada"
  • Point or gesture to ask for something
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