My baby's development: Month 12

Your baby is growing up quickly

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My 12-month-old baby: Reaching milestones together

My 12-month-old baby: reaching milestones together

You and your baby have been together for one year, and she is developing a personality all her own. And she is developing quickly. She will soon experience the physical changes of becoming a toddler, so it is time to plan and prepare for her growing needs.

Baby bottle-weaning tips for 1-year-old babies

Baby bottle-weaning tips for 1-year-old babies

If your 1-year-old baby has not started using a "sippy" cup yet, here are some helpful tips that could help:

  • Offer the cup instead of the morning and evening bottles.
  • Do not let your baby carry the bottle around with her. Limit the places she can have it (on your lap, at the table).
  • Do not introduce new beverages in a sippy cup. Let her drink only breast milk or baby formula. It might be a good time to switch to a toddler drink such as Similac® Go & Grow® Stage 3, which is designed to help balance toddler’s diets and support brain, eye, and physical development from 12 to 24 months.
  • Give her a snack before bedtime. It could help her get to sleep.
  • Let her spend time with her blanket or favorite special stuffed animal before bedtime, instead of with the bottle.

Engage your 12-month-old baby's growing brain

As your baby turns another month older, she will get more out of playing in social settings as well as the one-on-one time you spend with her.

Here are some helpful tips to keep her mind growing:

  • Introduce her to brief playdates to practice playing in groups. There will not be much interactive playing yet, but it will help her get used to the playing environment.
  • Show her how to pull a pull toy. To prevent choking, put away toys with long strings when you cannot watch your baby play.
  • "Read" a picture book with her — identify what you see on each page to help her learn new words and objects.

12-month-old baby developmental milestones

Your baby will develop at her own pace, which is completely normal. Here is a list of 12-month-old milestones your baby likely will be able to achieve, or will achieve soon:

  • Take the first solo step
  • Say two words other than "mama" and "dada"
  • Make "baby-talk" sentences
  • Imitate your actions
  • Drink from a cup, without help
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