My baby's development: Month 6

Your baby lays the groundwork for speech

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My 6-month-old baby: new ways to play and teach

Your 6-month-old baby lays the groundwork for speech with every sound she makes. Keep talking with her this month. Also, your baby is becoming more aware of you as a separate person. A good way to help calm her fear of being alone is by playing "peekaboo."

6-month-old baby sleep patterns and tips
  • Once your baby is 6 months old, she'll probably be sleeping through the night. But she occasionally might wake up during the night.
  • At this age, if she still wakes up several times a night, talk with your health care professional about possible causes and solutions.
  • During the day, your baby will be wide-awake and active for extended periods, and should be taking two or three short naps totaling three to four hours.
  • Have questions about SIDS?

    Learn about SIDS at the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Nutrition needs start to change as your 6-month-old baby continues to grow

Nutrition and your 6-month-old

Check with your baby's health care provider to determine if now is the time to introduce solid foods. When you do start to introduce solid foods, start gradually and one at a time to check for allergic reactions. If your baby has a severe reaction to a specific food, contact your health care provider.

Here are some foods to consider in addition to breast milk or baby formula:

  • Iron-fortified cereals (rice, barley, oats)
  • Pureed or strained fruits (bananas, pears, applesauce, peaches)
  • Pureed or strained vegetables (avocados, well-cooked carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes)

How to handle baby separation anxiety at 6 months old

If your 6-month-old baby cries when you leave the room, she might be suffering from a new fear known as baby separation anxiety. The best way to calm your baby is to leave, wait for a minute or two, and then return. Repeating this pattern, at progressively longer intervals will help her realize that you always come back. When you soothe and calm your fussy baby, she gets the message that all is well. It is a message that will stay with her as she grows.

Six-month-old baby developmental milestones

Keep in mind that every baby develops on a different schedule, but by the end of month 6, your baby will likely be able to do the following:

  • Sit up without support
  • Begin to explore objects by putting them in her mouth
  • Pick up things by "raking" them with her fingers (Be even more careful about what you leave around the house.)
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