Activities to help your baby's growth and development

A guide to giving your baby a strong start in the first year

In addition to giving your baby the proper nutrition, you also can support physical growth, language skill development, cognitive development, social and emotional growth, and motor skill development through hands-on interaction and activities.

Sleepy baby rubbing eye.

Activities to support your baby's physical growth and development

See how the right nutrition and activities can work together to support your baby's physical growth and development through year 1.

Mother smiling at baby in her arms.

Activities to support your baby's language-learning skills

See how you can start building your baby's language-learning skills long before the first word is ever said.

Baby's hands playing with sphere toy.

Activities to support your baby's cognitive development

See how you can create ways to help your baby learn how to think, learn, understand, problem-solve, reason, and remember.

Smiling baby, lying down.

Activities to support your baby's social and emotional development

Find out about the different types of activities that can help your baby build important social skills and a healthy understanding of emotions and their meanings.

Baby's hand clutching toy.

Activities to support your baby's motor skill development

Learn different ways you can help encourage the development of your baby's gross and fine motor skills — from sitting and standing to eating and grasping.

Introducing baby to the bottle

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