Similac® with OptiGRO — our unique blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E

  • Supports baby's developing brain and eyes

  • Nutrition beyond DHA alone – from America's #1 Brand*

*Total US infant formula share leader all outlets as of 6/6/2015, Nielsen data.

Similac supports your baby’s growth and developing immune system.

OptiGRO is available in most Similac formulas.

See the benefits of Similac Advance with OptiGRO.
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Important nutrients in OptiGRO:

  • DHA

    like that found in fish,*
    for toddler’s developing brain
  • Lutein

    like that found in spinach,*
    for eye health
  • Vitamin E

    like that found in broccoli,*
    for growth and development
*Similac has DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E in forms similar to those in common foods.

Other important nutrients found in Similac formula include:

  • Vitamin C

    like that found in oranges,
    for immune support
  • Potassium

    like that found in bananas,
    for muscle health

OptiGRO is getting a new look!


You know he'll be asleep by the second verse

That she'll wiggle when she wants to be picked up

You know that sound means she's getting hungry

Because you're in tune with your baby

And now you know, new Similac Advance with OptiGRO has our unique blend of DHA, Lutein and Vitamin E

And it's closer to the nourishing power of breastmilk than ever before (*Reformulated to better match the average caloric density of breast milk; available in most Similac formulas)

Introducing OptiGRO from Similac

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