• Chosen Easier-to-Use by Moms 3-1 Over the Enfamil Refill Tub. No wonder! With mom-inspired features, the Similac Simplepac really does streamline bottle prep. Just open and scoop - it's that easy. See for yourself why more moms agree.
  • Formula scoop snaps right into the hinged lid for easy access.
  • Rectangular design makes it easier to scoop formula.
  • Contoured grip lets you hold the Similac SimplePac and the baby.
  • Rounded inside corners let you get the last bit of formula.
  • Get an overview of Similac SimplePac.
  • SimplePac features the scoop in the lid.
  • SimplePac has a wide opening.
  • SimplePac has a one-hand grip
  • SimplePac features rounded corners

The Similac SimplePac story

The Similac® brand introduced its first powder formula more than 50 years ago. U.S. baby formulas had been packaged in cans ever since — until our redesign. The mom-friendly Similac SimplePac is our most significant redesign of baby formula powder containers, both in form and function.

Inspired design

Moms told us they were tired of fighting with formula cans. So we talked with more than 1,600 moms to understand how to improve the package and simplify formula preparation. The result was the Similac SimplePac, a baby formula container truly designed with moms, for moms.

Feeding time simplified

With the one-hand grip and scoop in the hinged lid, the Similac SimplePac is convenient and easy to use for mess-free bottle preparation.

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