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  • Forum Thread: Help! How do I get my son to stop hitting?

    My toddler is constantly hitting his siblings. While the majority of the time he is simply “playing” with them, I really want him to stop the hitting. I have tried time out, fussing at him and making him say he's sorry...but nothing works. Does anyone know how to stop a toddler from hitting?
  • Forum Thread: How do you choose a preschool? What do you look for?

    Choosing a preschool was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. Some were too regimented, some were too crowded, and most of them were just not quite right. How did you choose a preschool for your child? What attributes do you look for in a preschool or daycare?
  • Forum Thread: Toddler independence.... HELP!!

    My 18 month old wants desperately to be just like his older brother and sister. He wants to sit at the big table, drink from a real cup and even spoon feed himself his cereal. While I love his independence, he is still too little to do everything by himself. Yet, every time I tell him no, he falls...
  • Forum Thread: Help! My preschooler is getting bullied!

    My 3 year old son is constantly getting pushed, hit, and even bitten by other more aggressive toddlers. I hate that he seems to be the target for many overly aggressive and socially immature preschoolers. How can I teach him to stand up for himself so he doesn’t get picked on his whole life...
  • Forum Thread: What do I do???My son feels left out.

    My 2 year old constantly wants to do what his big brother and big sister are doing. Trouble is, he is much younger than them and can’t always tag along. How do I get him to realize that he is just too young to do what the older kids are doing? How do I make him feel less like he is being constantly...