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  • Forum Thread: Not sleeping at night almost two

    My daughter will be turning 2 next month. Still is not sleeping through the night. Still waking up 2 to 3 nights. I have to have her 3oz of milk each time. Is my daughter ever going to sleep all night? She has her own room.. Still in a crib tried toddler bed didnt work out, Sleeps better in crib. This...
  • Forum Thread: Dinner Time Struggles--UGH!!!

    Two and three year olds are notorious for being picky eaters and my three-year-old is no exception. Even though I don't give him snacks when he doesn't finish his dinner, I still feel like dinner time is a chore. How can I make mealtime more fun for everyone? How do you handle your picky eater...
  • Forum Thread: Go & Grow Frequency

    How often should a 15 month old have a bottle of Similac Go and Grow Soy as a supplement to his diet? Don't want to give him too much and hiw eating skills are progressing but feel he does need some supplemental nutrition source.
  • Forum Thread: toddler food.

    hi,I am Nasima.I have two wonderful kids a girl and a boy 14 months apart.My daughter is so picky in food.i don't understand what to feed her.she don't eat junk food al all.i give her boiled chicken,eggs.but she is not eat all at once. she drinks milk with bottle,i also wants she try milk in...