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  • Forum Thread: happy mother's day (mexican mom)

    congratulations to every mom in the world!!! it is mother's day in mexico. im a mexican mom even if i live in EUA. answer dad... being a mom doesn't mean you have to be a women, taking care of your treasures is enough to know you deserve respect and love.
  • Forum Thread: Mom of a 2 year old thinking about another one

    Hello my name is Alicia, ill be 23 on june 23. I have a wonderful daughter who will be two in july. I been with my boygfriend almost 4 years. Im a stay at home mom. Her daddy work 60 + hours a week. It seems like were never home. Our lifes are so crazy! I been having mixed feelings on having another...
  • Forum Reply: Re: new at this

    hi lucero, congratulations and welcome to strong moms!!! having a baby is a tough job, im a mother of two..4 and three weeks. i was 18 when i had my first baby and sometimes i cried because i my life had changed for ever!! you could share your new feelings to someone you trust to see if that releives...