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  • Forum Thread: Any good baby carriers out there?

    When my third child was born, I needed more hands, so I decided to start using a baby carrier when I took my older children out of the house. Now that my 4 th has arrived, I have used a sling several times when taking my baby to the park or the library. It is really nice having my hands...
  • Forum Thread: Finding Great Baby Bargains--Where Do You Go?

    These days there seems like there isn't enough money to go around. As a result, I like to shop at the used kid's clothing store down the street. There are some really great buys on clothes, toys, and other gently used baby items. Where do you go to find the best baby bargains?
  • Forum Thread: How to decorate the nursery?

    When our first child was born, we decided to decorate the nursery in a neutral theme so that each one of our children could use it. We chose a safari animal theme and it has seen us through all of our children thus far. My sister, on the other hand, chose to do her nursery in a gender specific theme...