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  • Forum Thread: What items will i really need for a 2+ month old baby???

    I am a 21 year old mother to a 2 month old. I want to start reading and getting her things to play with but i dont want to waste my money on somthing bad. If you can tell me what would be great for her that would be nice. If its baby gear or toys and book just any thing would help!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Any good ideas for a homemade shower gift?? Knitting???

    Don’t know if I am too late ... but I agree with StrongDad07 . Diaper cakes are great. If you buy a pack of diapers alone or with a group of people. Think of getting them in bulk at a superstore like Sam’s Club or Costco, this can all save you money! Then you can add $1 sample size baby products...