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  • Forum Thread: What items will i really need for a 2+ month old baby???

    I am a 21 year old mother to a 2 month old. I want to start reading and getting her things to play with but i dont want to waste my money on somthing bad. If you can tell me what would be great for her that would be nice. If its baby gear or toys and book just any thing would help!
  • Forum Thread: New mommy with a bumpo seat

    I just bought a Bumpo seat for my 3 month old and was wondering how much/how long to leave her in there for?? I am concerned if I sit her in there for too long she may get aches? However I'm a new mommy and really have noo clue!
  • Forum Reply: Re: Slings

    My first thought is the top of you Snugli is too loose. She will only be getting stronger so in the meantime you could you a blanket to force her closer to your body and preventing her head from bobbing. I believe your baby moving her head back and forth is just her desire to look around; at about 3...