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  • Forum Thread: Little boy not eating solid food

    Hello everyone, My little boy will be a year next week and I have tried all i can think of with feeding him solid food. He will eat the stage 2 baby food, rice cereal ,and drinks formula.. Everytime I try to give him something else such as a puff or anything along those lines he gags and spits it...
  • Forum Thread: Mealtime Messes

    Meal times can be so messy with babies learning to feed themselves. Not only do you have dishes to clean, but also the high chair, the floor, clothes, the baby and sometimes the cat! What are your favorite tricks for making mealtime clean up easier?
  • Forum Thread: Starting baby food - when?

    My son is 4 months old. I started feeding him baby food and cereal off a spoon last week and he LOVES it. But after talking to some co-workers, they have me worried that I'm starting him too soon. Any opinions?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bottle Nipples

    My daughter is two months old and she is also collapsing the nipple's that are level one. I havent thought about changing to a higher flow to fix it becose she is lurning that if she lets go for a second she can start geting the good flow of milk agen. I think its realy cool that shes lurning so...
  • Forum Thread: 9-Month Old Won't Eat Regular Food

    My 9-month old loves his jars of babyfood. His pediatrician told me I should be giving him fresh food that I have cooked, but no matter what is is...he throws it up. I started out simple with vegetables and rice...pureeing it, but he threw it up (exorcist style). Does anyone have any suggestions on...