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  • Forum Reply: Re: Breast or Bottle: What’s the Right Choice for You?

    Ezramomma, ur so not a failure and you are doing fine. Take the guilt out and do what u feel is right for your baby. Like Oprah said on 30 Rock: Too many women are wearing themselves down. Give urself the credit u deserve... I can tell ur a great, loving mom. Good luck!
  • Forum Thread: My 8 month old daughter needs to drink water, HOW?

    The MD said with the increased intake of solid puree food our daughter needs to get more fluid so she isnt constipated, which recently happened. Now we try sippy cups ad she holds them right but bites on the sippy part but dosent sip. We also try a cup and she takes some in but then lets it dribble out...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Feeling Judged

    I too, planned to exclusively breastfeed. It seemed like when I was pregnant, many older women criticized my decision to breastfeed (especially my MIL who believed the baby would starve!). I read every book I could get my hands on and got lots of advice from friends and family. After I gave birth...