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  • Forum Thread: How do you get your baby on a feeding schedule?

    So many moms struggle with getting their baby’s on a feeding schedule. Feeding schedules can help both babies and moms adjust during those first few months. How did you get your baby on a feeding schedule? Did it work? What advice would you give a new mom?
  • Forum Thread: Little boy not eating solid food

    Hello everyone, My little boy will be a year next week and I have tried all i can think of with feeding him solid food. He will eat the stage 2 baby food, rice cereal ,and drinks formula.. Everytime I try to give him something else such as a puff or anything along those lines he gags and spits it...
  • Forum Thread: Newborn Twins, Supplementing, help

    I just recently gave birth to identical twin girls on October 31. We started breastfeeding in the hospital and everything was going good. They did have to be supplemented the first night, because I had some issues after delivery and they had to eat. But then was straight breastfeeding. Then on our first...
  • Forum Thread: Baby Feeding Expert

    Just got off the phone with Similac 24hr Baby Feeding Expert : Got all my question's answered with friendly service, I forgot your name but who ever you are Thank You so Much !!
  • Forum Thread: Breast pump problems

    I have started back to work and my 7 month old is still nursing. I have an electric pump but I have more luck using my hand pump. I also have a 3 year old and I need to pump as much as possible for my son but I also need to do it as quickly as possible. Anyone have any ideas on how to get my electric...