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    I think every parent looks forward to the day when they no longer have to change diapers. But that day comes at different times for every child, which is why my philosophy is to let your child guide the way. When they’re ready, it will happen. My older daughter was three-and-a-half when she...
  • Forum Thread: My 2 year old daughter

    I am having trouble getting my 2 yr old to talk so we can start potty training. What can I do to help her?
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    Haha, I hadn't heard of that method before. I'm not sure I'm up to cleaning the floors (happily havent had to do that since our dog was a puppy). Anyone heard of other techinques that work well?
  • Forum Thread: My 3 year old boy won't use the potty!

    My son who just turned 3 at the end of November refuses to use the potty. He has gone pee on it before, but refuses to use it all the time. I have tried everything, rewarding him, putting him in underwear all day(which he just pees in and tells me he wet the floor), bribing him, ect. Maybe I'm doing...