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  • Forum Thread: Baby shower a good idea?

    My parents, boyfriend and work all are now aware that I am pregnant, although I am only 19. I am at six months and starting to wonder if a baby shower is an appropriate thing. I really do not know how to approach my mom with the topic. She has accepted my pregnancy but I'm still unsure if this is...
  • Forum Thread: How To Make Green Punch WITHOUT Dairy

    Hey guys! I need some help!!! In a few weeks, my family is throwing me (and little Owen) a baby shower. Since I like being different, they're foregoing the tradition blue theme and going with a green theme for the decorations...which sounds great to me, because green just happens to be one of my...
  • Forum Reply: Re: baby shower

    HI, I think you should have another baby shower cause as we all no baby thing can get a little expensive so just to get a few thing from your close friends should not be a issue at all. if there your friend they should be just as happy to give. and plus like they say 3 times a charm.....

    I am an expecting mother due in oct and i was planning on having my baby shower in the last week of august but i havent really com up with any creative good ideas on how to make sure my mother and baby's God mother know exatly how to plan it to have a good time.