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  • Forum Thread: So EXCITED!!

    Yesterday was my 20 week ultrasound! And even though I secretly wanted a GIRL...My boyfriend and I found out that we are havin A BOY!! I like that fact of havin a " Mama's Boy " so it all worked out.. Besides, other than myself, my older sister was the only one in my entire family that...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Sexual Increase

    As a husband who had to deal with a wife who experienced zero sex drive, thank you for sharing your stories. She pushed me away and made me feel like something was wrong with me, so embrace the experience and scale things back to fit your husbands requests as well. Enjoy! ~J
  • Forum Thread: baby's gender.

    About a week ago i went for my second ultrasound. I found out the baby's gender and its a BOY! I felt different the next day...I'm not sure why? It was a good kind of different though. Any who, I've been trying to find cute & not too expensive newborn boys shoes or a little bigger &...
  • Forum Thread: Advise on handling family?

    Hi, I'm 20 and about to be having my first baby. Everyone's super excited for our baby boy due in May (which is an awesome thing) but my fiance and I are having trouble deciding the best way to communicate to overwhelming family members about giving us our own time with the baby. For example...