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  • Forum Reply: Re: worried about miscarrying

    I understand what ur going threw, I had a misscarriage early this yr, I started bleeding mid Jan & didn't stop bleeding till the end of March, but I am now 27wks Pregnant... I still drive myself nuts looking for blood in the bathroom, I also did everything I wanted to do, had up's & down's...
  • Forum Thread: What Pregnancy Item Could You Not Live Without??????

    When I was pregnant I absolutely loved the belly bands that helped you make your jeans and pants last longer. Once the baby was born, they came in handy again. What item did you absolutely LOVE during your pregnancy?
  • Forum Thread: Great website for Parents and Women TTC!!!

    I may be a bit emotional because I am desperately TTC, but I soaked my shirt after visiting this website: I just wanted to share this because I had to call my husband at work and read it to him. We both laughed and cried together, and it really gives us hope that we will...
  • Forum Thread: Anyone due in June

    Hi my name is Shanda, I am due with my 3rd on June 13th. I have a 3 year old boy and a five year old boy.....and I am expecting my girl!
  • Forum Reply: Re: I'M PREGNANT DUE AUGUST 2009

    Due August 8, 2009 ... close enough for you? I'll email you. This is my second child and I have one boy (2 on December 26). Do you belong to a mom's club? That helps me a LOT! I belong to MOMS (Moms Offering Moms Support) Club International . I live in the Seattle area and this has been a...
  • Forum Thread: Birth?

    Is anyone on here choosing to birth outside of the hospital? I noticed that all of the formula websites state that you can get free diaper bags and samples when you leave the hospital and left out any information on how to get one of the bags if you aren't ever going to be IN the hospital to begin...