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  • Forum Thread: Getting Mad Over Every Little Thing

    I Have A Problem !!! I don't know what wrong with me , I seem to yell and get mad at my boyfriend for every little thing I do..... OMG I feel like my mother!! Lol! So now my boyfriend gets mad at me like and ask, " what did I do"? And I don't even know..... It is very funny to me...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Help I don't think my boyfriend cares about our baby im pregnant with

    This I have heard several times along with the quote, "Women become mothers when they find out they are pregnant; Men become fathers when they see their baby."
  • Forum Reply: Re: Sexual Increase

    As a husband who had to deal with a wife who experienced zero sex drive, thank you for sharing your stories. She pushed me away and made me feel like something was wrong with me, so embrace the experience and scale things back to fit your husbands requests as well. Enjoy! ~J
  • Forum Reply: Re: Pregnant & Worried About My Relationship

    I found out I was pregnant at 20 weeks, started this discussion at 29 weeks and now approaching my 34th, I can honestly say that there has been some progress happening between my partner and I, for which I feel fortunate. I think the best piece of advice in handling my pregnant relationship worries...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Pregnancy affecting intimacy?

    FarrellClanMom - dont give up just yet! I was (and still am somewhat) just like that, it took a lot of work, love, and more than one argument to help me see I needed to be more open and communicative with my wife. Every day we work at our relationship and do our best to show each other how we feel and...
  • Forum Thread: Birth?

    Is anyone on here choosing to birth outside of the hospital? I noticed that all of the formula websites state that you can get free diaper bags and samples when you leave the hospital and left out any information on how to get one of the bags if you aren't ever going to be IN the hospital to begin...