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  • Forum Reply: Re: 2nd pregnacy

    Yep, I'm due 1/24! This is a girl, an my first is a boy :-)
  • Forum Thread: doctor/patient trust

    hi. i'm gonna be a new mother and now a new member to the site. i went for my first ultrasound the other day it was amazing. it was literally the best experience of my entire life. it just keeps getting better and better. but the ultrasound specialist and my doctor seem to be keeping something from...
  • Forum Reply: Re: When Do You Start "Showing"??

    I was nauseous with morning sickness from weeks 6-12. I was sick to my stomach and light headed all day. I focused on eating peanut butter toast and crackers and trying to live through the day. The last thing I thought about was when I was going to show LOL but it is a good question! I had a little bit...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Start Early or Wait to Have Kids?

    I'm 32 and waiting a few more years. I went through a lot over the past decade and want to enjoy what I have achieved for a little bit longer. Life is good. But, I know I'll b ready for a little one soon :)

    I suggest yoga for as long as you can handle it during your pregnancy. I feel it helped me a lot mentally and physically. I stayed fit and active which made me feel good, and the meditation helped me stay calm and feel like I was connecting with the baby.
  • Forum Thread: all my 19 and pregnant mommies!!

    I'm 19 and currently 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I'm very excited but still very scared. This was a planned baby with months of trying but i still have my days where i think oh god im gonna be a mommy lol I'd like to talk and become friends with everyone here. I don't have many friends...