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  • Forum Thread: We're having a BOY!!

    On Wednesday, March 10th we had our second ultrasound and discovered that we're going to be having a little boy! His name is Roland Curtis Ashely and he is due on July 25th. Everything is great, all of the fingers and toes are accounted for..I made them double check because my niece was born...
  • Forum Thread: 20 Weeks ultrasound

    I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out I'm having a baby boy! Not only that, but I'm a week further along than they thought ,
  • Forum Thread: Baby movement during labor?

    I was just curious if baby will continue to be active and move around during labor? I've heard yes and nos on this and I was wondering what other mom's experienced. My little boy has always been a very active thing since about 20 weeks. His kicks and wiggles are getting more painful everyday...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Anyone expecting twins out there?

    I am expecting twin boys due October 29th. I have two daughters ages 12 and 5. It was very shocking to find out we were having twins, but we feel truly blessed and are looking forward to the challenge.
  • Forum Reply: Re: First Baby- Interesting ways to tell family the sex

    when we found out we were having a boy the ultrasound tech refered to it as a turtle.. so we found a turtle and sent it to grand parents with note "here is your clue to new grand baby"
  • Forum Thread: So EXCITED!!

    Yesterday was my 20 week ultrasound! And even though I secretly wanted a GIRL...My boyfriend and I found out that we are havin A BOY!! I like that fact of havin a " Mama's Boy " so it all worked out.. Besides, other than myself, my older sister was the only one in my entire family that...
  • Forum Thread: Tips For Packing The Hospital Bag???

    Hi ladies! This is my first pregnancy. I've looked over all the lists of what to take to the hospital. I know to take all of this stuff: -Clothes...including undies, nursing & sports bras, outfit for coming home, multiple outfits in multiple sizes for baby (in case he isn't the size they...
  • Forum Thread: Heading onto week 36.... And Scared.

    Tomorrow is week 36 for me and this is my first pregnancy. I'm scared about the labor part and how to determine real labor versus the B. Hick pains since I have confused those two before earlier in my pregnancy. Women that have had children before told me that it is like having period cramps x10...
  • Forum Thread: baby's gender.

    About a week ago i went for my second ultrasound. I found out the baby's gender and its a BOY! I felt different the next day...I'm not sure why? It was a good kind of different though. Any who, I've been trying to find cute & not too expensive newborn boys shoes or a little bigger &...
  • Forum Reply: Re: October babys!

    I was technically due October 3 but due to preeclampsia I gave birth on August 23rd at 34 weeks and 1 day. He weighed 6 lbs 12 ozs and was 19 inches long (big baby because I'm diabetic). He was in an intermediate nursery from 8/23 to 9/9 when he got to come home and is now almost 8 lbs. Hes going...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Due Sept Update!

    im new in bored!!!! My due date is on sept. 30 thats what the doc said im going to have my second boy im scared his been kicking alot more then i was then in my first.
  • Forum Thread: Advise on handling family?

    Hi, I'm 20 and about to be having my first baby. Everyone's super excited for our baby boy due in May (which is an awesome thing) but my fiance and I are having trouble deciding the best way to communicate to overwhelming family members about giving us our own time with the baby. For example...
  • Forum Reply: Re: 8 Weeks tomorrow, 43yr. hoping I see a heart beat.

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