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  • Forum Thread: Pregnancy and the Second Child!

    My sister recently found out that she is expecting her 2 nd child in the summer. She already has a 16 month old and she is starting to worry about how she is going to take care of her toddler while she is pregnant. Pregnancy is hard enough without having to care for a toddler on top of it. As...
  • Forum Thread: How Did You Tell Your Children You Were Pregnant?

    Sometimes it can be difficult to tell older kids that you are expecting a new baby. How did you tell your children that there would be a little brother or sister joining the family soon? Did they take it well or were there problems?
  • Forum Thread: I am pregnant with my second child..

    I'm concerned right now with a head cold that I can't take anything for, so other then that--I go in for my 1st Doc visit Wed I'm happy to start this again--this will be my last child... no more after this... I am wondering what can I do this time to have the best delievery of this child...