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  • Forum Reply: Re: MY RIBS HURT!!!

    So crazy enough, but Gatorade really helped with my aches and pains. I had leg cramps and rib soreness and I would drink a 16 oz Gatorade (or 2) and it help. I don't know the reason, but I thought it might have to do something with the stress your body is under when you are pregnant and the stress...
  • Forum Thread: Partial Mole followed by a blighted ovum a year later

    Hey Ladies. Sorry this is such a downer, but I could really use some info from women. Last year I found out at 15 weeks that our baby had died and was a partial mole. We were good parents and waited the time the doc said to try again and a year later we found out we were preggers. 7 days from the anniversary...

    I am definately new to the mommy world and not sure what I should expect. While my fiance and I were planning our December 1, 2012 wedding, we found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. It is a first for both of us and we are not sure what to expect. Now i'm 12 weeks and we both get nervous over every little...
  • Forum Thread: Abdominal cramps during fourth week of pregnancy

    I am in my fourth week of pregnancy. I have abdominal cramps during night and not able to sleep properly.I feel as if I am about to get my periods.Is it normal?