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  • Forum Thread: When to start my baby registry

    Hi my name is Seneca and I am having a dilemma with deciding to start my baby registry and what to ask for and what isnt necessary to have on my registry among many other things. So I am open to any suggestions. This will be my first child so I am pretty excited and overwhelm at the same time.
  • Forum Thread: Third Trimester moodiness?

    I am now into my third trimester and I feel as though I've morphed into the wicked witch of the west! I feel like I could take on the world's meanest dictator and put them in their place...LOL! Anyone else ever experience this?? I didn't feel like this in my pregnancy for my daughter...but...
  • Forum Thread: Help for Couples!

    Pregnancy is an emotionally up and down experience. There is joy and excitement at all the milestones and frustration and anxiety with all the worries and sleeplessness. What are some of the ways that your partner helps you through this time? Men everywhere sometimes wonder what in the world they...

    I am definately new to the mommy world and not sure what I should expect. While my fiance and I were planning our December 1, 2012 wedding, we found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. It is a first for both of us and we are not sure what to expect. Now i'm 12 weeks and we both get nervous over every little...
  • Forum Thread: My Baby Is Due Very Soon

    Hey everyone!!!! I have a baby due very soon. It's a boy as the doctors told me. I was just wondering what should I expect. I need advice please. I have had much more experience with baby girls than baby boys. So if you are a mom of a boy or boys can you give me some tips please?