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    I got married in 2001 and my husband and I started trying to have a child almost right away. I was starting to get concerned when I hadn't gotten pregnant by 2004, I went to my ob and they did some tests. I was at work when they called me with the result that I couldn't have ANY children. I was...
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    My husband and I were in the same situation as you. I have PCOD and we were afraid that we couldn't get pregnant either. We were also fighting the age battle as well. However, thanks to the brilliant work of my OB, and Clomid, we are now the parents of a healthy baby boy born in Feb. 2009.
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    I never thought I’d have issues with fertility. I was 19 when I got pregnant with my first child and became so after only a month of trying. The women in my family also have a history of being very fertile. So imagine my surprise when I could not get pregnant again at 26! It turns out...