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  • Forum Thread: This is all too big!

    I am having a hard time getting the fact that I am pregnant through my head. When I was little, I had been rapped with a knife, and it got infected. When I actually got to the doctor, they said I couldn't have kids. So the thought of children never really crossed my mind. Now I find out that I'm...
  • Forum Thread: What maternity wear do I need for winter?

    I'm in my 2nd pregnancy and due late Feb. I'd like to know what maternity wear I need to get for the winter? This wasn't a problem with my 1st pregnancy because I wasn't all that far along in mid-winter. What items will I need this winter (I'm thinking for outdoors or running errands...
  • Forum Thread: Maternity Coat

    Hello. I'm looking for a maternity coat that is warm and not to expensive. I'm due in June but this is my third baby. I expect to be in my maternity cloths by winter. Any suggestions?