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  • Forum Thread: Twins

    I am 40 y/o and my new hubby is 50 y/o. Since January of this year, I have had 2 miscarriages and we decided then to stop trying to have a baby together. Through both miscarriages, we focused on our many blessings (each have 3 kids from prior marriages) and not our 2 recent losses (though we still hold...
  • Forum Thread: confused on names!

    my mother wants sydney and i want aria. I dont know whats a more nice name
  • Forum Reply: Re: December Momma's

    Just had a fetal echo done on our baby. I hate laying there for an hour flat on my back while they push and poke to get a good picture of our little girl's heart. They couldn't get enough images to come up with a good conclusion if she's doing fine so I have to go in and have it done again...
  • Forum Thread: Help with middle names

    I am 25 weeks pregnant with my first child, a girl, and am having trouble thinking of a middle name. We want to name her Teagan, but can't think of middle names that we like AND go good. The middle names that we have thought of are: Marie, which is my middle name; Lynn, which is my mothers middle...
  • Forum Thread: Baby Names

    I need some help on Half Hawaiian Half Samoan baby girl names. (: About to have her in August.. Any suggestions?? anything will help us ;D
  • Forum Reply: Re: Baby Names

    djnats, Here is the recent post from MSN on Names of the Year for 2008 and predictions for 2009. Maybe something here will inspire you? My first child (almost 2 years old) we named Jamison which is my mom's madian name, and I guess last names as first names is a popular trend now ... although...
  • Forum Thread: 14 weeks need assistance with baby names that start with a D

    I am 14 weeks pregnant and am once again going to allow the other children to name the baby. 11 yrs ago I picked out 2 boy names and 2 girl names and when the baby was born my daughter named her sister. I have decided to do this again, but having problems finding boy/girl names that start with a D...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Choosing a Name

    We liked the personalities of the characters. They were strong, sassy and independent. They were also pretty stubborn, which we knew that they were both going to have considering who their parents were! And boy, were we right. Sabrina also had a deeper significance. The name came from a Milton poem,...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Baby Names

    Yeah, ebay is a good place, so is as there's no bidding. I bought and sold all my college books on this site.