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  • Forum Thread: Souped-up Sex Drive

    With the second trimester come lots of wonderful experiences. Among the most welcome are relief from morning sickness and fatigue – and surprisingly, a big boost in your libido. This was especially true for me with my first pregnancy, and it definitely caught me off-guard, especially since I...
  • Forum Thread: So EXCITED!!

    Yesterday was my 20 week ultrasound! And even though I secretly wanted a GIRL...My boyfriend and I found out that we are havin A BOY!! I like that fact of havin a " Mama's Boy " so it all worked out.. Besides, other than myself, my older sister was the only one in my entire family that...
  • Forum Reply: Re: Sexual Increase

    As a husband who had to deal with a wife who experienced zero sex drive, thank you for sharing your stories. She pushed me away and made me feel like something was wrong with me, so embrace the experience and scale things back to fit your husbands requests as well. Enjoy! ~J
  • Forum Reply: Re: Souped-up Sex Drive

    It's totally normal. I think because your hormones adjust yet again to accomodate a new phase of your pregnancy that this is a very common side effect. My libido on a regular basis is not the greatest, but when I was pregnant, it really went into overdrive during the second trimester. I notice a...