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  • Forum Thread: IntelliGender Test?

    Is there anyone out there who has taken one and it turned out to be true? I ordered one just to see what its all about, waiting on it to come. Not sure if I'm ready for the result, but just looking for anyone who has already taken one!
  • Forum Thread: Testing during 2nd trimester

    I just want to get opinions on getting the baby tested for abnormalities. I'm leaning toward not doing it. However, I plan to talk to my dr about testing at my next appt. Any feedback will be so helpful!! Thanks
  • Forum Thread: scared from test results.. plz read

    I am worried sick, a Dr called me today and advised me a test came back that I am high risk for birth defects? I'm 19 weeks and haven't had my ultrasound yet, so they asked me to come in tomorrow to see if they can spot anything and for more test.. if anyone has been through this i really...
  • Forum Thread: Prenatal Diagnostic Testing

    Hello. I am a first-time mom with some questions or in search of support for testing on birth defects. My next check-up is on week 17 (currently going into my 14th week), at which point I can opt to receive the diagnostic testing for birth defects. Being that this is my first pregnancy, I have...