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  • Forum Thread: The Daycare Decision

    As the two-parent income becomes more of a necessity than ever and maternity/paternity leave is often a matter of weeks, parents have to make start making childcare arrangements even before their baby is born. Yet the idea of handing off your tiny newborn to strangers is one that can be scary...
  • Forum Reply: Re: home or daycare?

    hi ashley. we too went through the struggle of deciding daycare or no daycare. i work FT and live the very expensive NE, so being SAHM as i had always envisioned wasn't a viable option. when i went back to work after 3 mos, i definitely had a tough time coming to terms with leaving him at daycare...
  • Forum Thread: Going back to work - Daycare?

    Going back to work seems so heartbreaking. I feel torn about what I want to look for in a childcare provider. I'm not sure about using a center or a home daycare or even a nanny in my home. What do you look for in a good daycare?