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  • Forum Thread: advice for the diaper rash!!!

    my baby sometimes poops 3 times a day, and i have to change her diaper frequently for the pee!! her skin is already irritated and the cream im using seems to be working very slowly. what kind of diaper rash cream do you use, to see if it works for my baby!!
  • Forum Thread: its a baby boy

    my baby boy has finally got a schedule. i can finally get a little more sleep.
  • Forum Thread: Need new Mommy friends!

    I am a new Mama again after fourteen years, YIKES!
  • Forum Reply: Re: New Teen Mom with no mother of her own to help..

    hi deja, welcome to strong moms, you know, it is hard to be a mom. i have two childs (4 years old boy and a 3 weeks baby girl). anything you need i will try to help you, sometimes i need somee advice too. we could be good friends. congratulations for your baby!!! how old are you? im 22.