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  • Forum Reply: Re: club foot

    We have had two ultrasounds and both are showing signs of club feet. They say you never know for sure until the baby is born; that's why I say "probably." We have spoken with a genetic counselor and the doctor told us some basic info that we already had assumed (like that she will have...
  • Forum Thread: HELP!

    My baby girl is 7 monthsand 3 weeks old. She is very smart and strong and reaches her milestones right on time, and usually way before. She loves to stand up and over the past month, she has been pulling herself up to standing and cruising in her crib often. I want to encourage this, but I have a couple...
  • Forum Thread: Need new Mommy friends!

    I am a new Mama again after fourteen years, YIKES!
  • Forum Thread: club foot

    Our baby will probably be born with club feet. Any one else out there have a child born with club feet? Tell your story to these first time parents!
  • Forum Thread: Getting the baby to sleep alone, need tips!

    My baby is a week old and she refuses to sleep by herself. I can wait until she is so deep in that you can hold her arm up and it will just drop when you let go, but once I put her in the bassinet she wakes up in 10 minutes. I have asked many mothers I know and they all have said that it's normal...
  • Forum Thread: Special Needs: Let's Encourage Each Other

    For all you parents out there who are children of special needs, what are some of the biggest challenges you are facing? How have you coped with these lifestyle changes? Let’s start a discussion on here to support and encourage each other in this walk of life we are on.
  • Forum Thread: New mom to a 3 month old VERY cranky baby!

    Hi everyone. I just joined and I'm hoping to get some advice from other moms who are going through the same thing or have gone through it. Sorry for such a long post. My daughter is 3 months old. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm going out of my mind. My husband works all day. He leaves for...
  • Forum Thread: Sleeping

    Hi! I am a new mother, My daughter is 1 month old. She is very fussy/figity and doesn't stay asleep for very long most of the time. I put her down to nap and within minutes she is fussing/ready to cry, and my only option is picking her up and rocking her again. Im not sure if there is anything...