Chores for little ones?

  • Having your children help with chores in the household encourages responsibility and good work ethic over a lifetime. My little boy is 21 months old and I’d like to start to think about how to get him started with helping around the house. He can help me put his toys away and put clothes into the dryer for me. How have you all progressed as your child got older? Do you use charts and rewards? I’d love to hear ideas!
  • PediNurseJulie1- What a great question! It, as you may know, is a marker of development when we see kiddos helping mom and dad around the house, so it's wonderful that he is doing so. At 21 months he is a bit young for sticker charts or similar forms of reinforcement. I think that this age lots of praise is very appropriate. However, as he gets older sticker charts or other forms of positive reinforcement and reward are very appropriate. That being said however, I do like to see kids do chores just because all members of the family make contributions to the household. I'm so looking forward to hearing what others have to say! -Jess
  • At that age, I just make it a game. They just love to help, so sometimes I let my little one hand me the silverware out of the dishwasher when I am picking them up (no knives!). I also let him help me put clothes down the laundry chute, wipe off the table with a damp sponge, and "paint" the deck clean. I give him some water and a clean paint brush. Then I let him paint the deck. I helps clean it a little, but really it is just lots of fun!

  • Ah - love the painting idea! I'll try it tomorrow!

  • MommyRN4-I love the painting the deck idea, you made me smile though as I can imagine that is going to come back to haunt you when they are grown, I imagine that will give them plenty to tease you about in good fun! -Jess
  • That is an awesome idea I would have never thought to do something like that. If you have anymore ideas please share.

  • I just heard from a friend that having your children paint the sliding glass door with washable paints (and them standing outside of course) is a fun art activity and it washes right off with a hose. I'm going to try that soon!