Big Girl Bed

  • We moved our 2-year old from the crib to the big-girl bed and she gets up and out several times a night and eventually finds her way into our bedroom. Has anyone dealt with similar circumstances and if so, what did you do?

  • Hopefully this is a phase, but until then you may want to consider a small baby gate designed to keep her safely in her room at night. I hated the thought of my toddler walking through the house unsupervised at night, so we had to use a safety gate. Good luck!

  • MommyRN4 - smart move. I'll remember that one when we switch our little guy out to a big boy bed. :-)

  • It's definitely a concern of our middle one wandering the house. Problem is, she's a climber and easily scales over safety gates! We had one near the stairs, but she climbs that as well, so we took it away because we were afraid she would fall climbing over it. It's like having a ring-tailed lemur for a daughter!