Sippy cup help

  • I have a year old boy. He has been on soy since he was a couple months old and also on a zantac due to the fact he would soak a recieving blanket with spit up. Yes a recieving blanket!! So we took drastic measures and put him on soy and a zantac. Since than i have given him ice cream, milk, cottage cheese, cheese and he has had no reactions. Im assuming he is not lactose intolerent. So to my question, im trying to switch to a sippy cup with even just the soy milk in it and he will NOT take one! Any ideas.? He is on a mam brand of bottle. Im so frustrated and dont know what to do help!!!

  • jhoy-Oh gosh the sippy cup dilema!  This is a common question around here and different people have very different solutions.  Given this what i want to do is give you some information from our site and then from the American Academy of Pediatrics as well.


    Ok-from page:

    Baby Bottle-Weaning Tips

    Around 12 months, many babies are happy to abandon the bottle for a sippy cup. If your baby can't quite take that step yet, here are some things to try:

    • Take it slow. Trade the bottle for the cup at noontime.
    • Offer the cup instead of the morning and evening bottles.
    • Don't let your baby carry the bottle around with her. Limit the places she can have it (on your lap, at the table).
    • Don't introduce new beverages in a sippy cup. Let her drink only breast milk, or infant formula such as Similac Go & Grow®.
    • Give her a snack before bedtime. It could help her get to sleep.
    • Spend time with her blankie or favorite special animal before bedtime, instead of the bottle. There may be a few tears the first few nights.


    The next site is the American Academy of Pediatrics.  I would encourage you to explore their entire page as it is full of really good information.  Here is a link to their pages on 1-3 year olds, I'm sure you an find some good info there:


    Please let us know how things are going!


  • Great post by Jess... the key point to me is the part about taking it slow. Often we get so concerned with schedules and what is "normal," that we want our babies to do things on our pace, not theirs. My middle child has similar spit-up problems as yours which was diagnosed as reflux. She does have many allergies though, and we had to go through many of the steps you did. She had no problems adapting to sippy cups, but each child is different and I have never heard of a child NEVER adapting to one. My advice is to follow Jess's suggestions and try to be patient! Good luck!

  • Just want to echo the other two posters - even though it's hard to be patient, your baby will eventually adapt. Like AnswerDad01 said, it's rare that a baby NEVER gets used to a sippy cup but some certainly do take longer than others! Hang in there...let us know how it goes. :-)