• I have a 2 year old little girl who insist on sleeping in the bed with us and will not sleep in the other room with her sisters she gets up and comes in our room and jumps in our bed. do anyone have any ideas that may help out in this issue because itis just what I said an issue.


    This is a tough issue, right up there with feeding difficulties!  First of all it sounds like she has siblings that sleep in their beds so I'm curious how this worked with your older children, and what you did to help the older kiddos with bedtime.  It might be good to revisit what worked well for your family before.

    I would say that being consistent is probably one of the most important qualities for bedtime issues.  Both you and dad have to agree on how you are going to handle this and stick to the plan no matter what.  

    From a practical standpoint have a consistent bedtime routine that may include jammies, brushing teeth, a story, and getting tucked into bed.  Then if she gets back calmly lead her back to her bed.  Don't engage in conversation or emotions, simply quietly put her back in bed.  You may have to do this several times a night, and if you given in it will get worse.

    The other thing I always emphasize is positive reinforcement.  When she can comprehend the way a sticker chart works that is a great reinforcer.  

    I hope those points are helpful.  Let us know how things are going and we can alter the plan as needed! :)


  • I only have one child so far but I have heard that putting the older kids to bed first and then getting the younger one calmed down and in bed is helpful. That way the older kids can't get her all wound up when they are sleeping. Some form of positive reinforcement, like Jess_BabyRN said, may be helpful. I'd also try calling your pediatrician. Many pediatricians deal with sleep issues for kids all the time and may have some helpful tips. Hang in there!