Need Advice on Potty Trainning a Boy

  • Hey Everyone my name is Casie, I am new to the site and the board. I like the site so far but I need  some advice on potty trainning a boy. I have three kids MacKenzie who is 3, Eian who is 2, and Aaliyah who is 11weeks. My son Eian turned 2 in October. He was born premature at 28 weeks so he has always been a little behind with when he does new things. He tells me "mama I stinky" or "mama i peepeed". When I try to take him to the potty chair he will just sit there or he will cry to get off. He does know that you peepee on the toliet and stinky there but he want do it. Cause he will see his daddy pee and say "daddy peepee on toliet". So he does know. I have been trying to get him to go since before he turned 2 but he still has not done it in the chair. He will just sit there until he starts crying. My daughter was not this hard she wanted to go but him oh no. Please Help!!!

  • Casie - I have a 2 year old little boy, so I am interested to hear what other moms/dads say about this topic! My little guy is not really interested in the potty - he will occasionally talk about it and tell me if he pooped in his diaper but that's about it. He cries when I put him on the potty (twice now). Everyone I have talked to (my pediatrician included) has told me that boys are typically ready later than girls, sometimes not till 3 years old. If your son is crying on the toilet, you might try getting him a little potty or potty seat if it's a fear of the big potty issue or else just wait till he willingly goes to sit on the potty. Rewards are always helpful but I'm sure you've probably tried that tactic. Just take a break and revisit it at a later time-that'd be my suggestion. Good luck!!

  • Casie-

    I do agree with Julie, boys are later with girls at most milestones.  The other thing is, just like with eating or not eating, this is something that can become a huge battle.  I agree that giving it more time is a good idea.  I also agree with positive reinforcement, you can never go wrong with being positive.  Give it a bit more time, if your not pushing it he may become more interested.


  • I have a 2 1/2 year old son that physcially has been able to pee and poo on the potty since he was at least 2 if not younger.  Like your son, mine currently outright refuses to do it.  I talked to many of my mommy friends and they all said the same thing.

    I need to step away from the potty training until he shows more of an interest in it.  My son will tell me when he poos, he will tell me when he is wet, but he is not ready to go on the potty.  Making your son sit on the potty and cry could actually be driving him away from wanting to potty.

    Boys are later bloomers and every mom of a boy i have talked to said it was like a switch flipped and POOF they were ready to do the potty...not that there were not accidents, just that they wanted to go on the potty rather then being appalled by it.


  • Casie,

    I'm a new parent, my son is only 4 weeks old. However, I do have a 6yr old nephew whom I helped raise. He was the same way at first. He showed all the interest in the world for the potty until it was his turn! Sometimes you do have to step back and wait for them to become more interested, but we have also found ways to make it fun. For instance try putting cheerios in the toilet and tell him to try and "shoot" them. From my experience boys love anything that shoots!! Best of luck

  • LOL @ jchandler989 i never thought about that wen i was potty training my son... anyway, i have a 4 yr old boy and i NEVER made him SIT on the toilet when he needed to PEE .. ONLY when he needed to POO in it, everytime my boy needed to pee i would have him hold his DOODLE (thats wat we call IT) and YOU (mommy/daddy) holds onto it with him to help him "shoot" "aim" into the toilet, and when he needs to poo i bought the toilet seat that is made for little ones whose bums are too small for the BIG one LOL hes loved ELMO at the time so something that interests them include it in the training. however, everyone elses response is helpful too and correct. the best we can do about it if we tried ALL that we could is to just sit back and wait til hes ready to potty like a "BIG BOY" thats what i told my son and still do til this day, i even have those wet flushable wipies for him to use because he never liked the toilet paper.. hope it helps!

    i thought i might add, i also have a 2 yr old and shes almost 3 and doesnt even TELL me she went in her pull-ups OR panties so your son is getting there.. LOL .. im having trouble with my daughter on this subject.. i honestly think its easiest to train boys..

  • My little boy is 2 and he knows what the toilet is used for and has even got on it by himself to use it but I still can't get him to get into the habit of using it more then once in a blue moon. He'll hide when he has to poop but other then that I have no indication on when he pees. I recently had another baby (Boy) and he now seems less interested in the potty. I'm not sure what to do.

  • I that the key here is that this cannot become a power struggle.  If it does the child will ultimately win and we cannot control if they do/do not use the potty-ultimately...and this is a tough one.  It's right up there with eating.  You cannot force a child to eat.  I think that first of all waiting until the child is ready, and can understand positive reinforcement is essential.  I am huge on sticker charts, and reinforcing everything good.  I think it's also important that our emotions don't get caught up in it. (easier said than done!!) So if the child isn't using the potty, previously has, and it is a behavioral act then it's important to stay neutral (in front of the child).  This is hard stuff, and I think that being able to support one another through it here is really helpful!


  • I can say, having just had another baby boy, that my 2 year old is regressing with his behavior. He is acting like a baby all the time and wanting to be held, cuddled, etc. like a baby. I think potty training may have to take a break until the adjustment period has passed. It'll happen eventually, though. Hang in there! 

  • Congrats PediNurseJulie1 I knew that you were due but this is the first i have read that you have had him. MommyRN hasn't been on in a while so i'm guessing that she probably has had her baby as well.

  • I second Brinny, Congrats Nurse Julie!!!  I'd imagine your toddler is needing some extra TLC right now.  Do you have family there to help out?  Things will get better-as you know-but sometimes it's still helpful to hear.  Let us know how we can support you, and again-glad to hear you have a healthy new kiddo in your house!


  • Hey guys! Yep, I had my little guy as well! He is a happy, healthy boy and the other kids are just in love with him. As far as potty training goes...yes, I would say he is just not ready yet. I have a 2 1/2 year old that I tried to potty train in the summer BEFORE the baby came, but he just wasn't interested, so I delayed it until the fall. I figured I would have more patience and energy at that time!!! LOL! The important thing is to remember that if you push potty training, it will be a miserable experience for everyone!!! He will learn how to use the toilet....everyone does! The less you stress out about it, the better it will be for him and for you when he is finally ready. Good luck everyone and Congratulations PediNurseJulie1! Our boys must be VERY close in age :)