Encouraging walking

  • My daughter is going to be 1 next week.  She has been cruising for months, and is really steady when I walk beside her holding her hand.  She took a few steps on her own last week, but hasn't taken any since (and doesn't really seem interested anymore).  Are there things I should be doing to encourage her walking, or will she just all of a sudden take off?  I know all kids develop at their own pace, but she did everything else so early I guess I expected her to walk early as well.  Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

  • Have you considered just letting her take her time and doing it when she's ready?  You could just relax and enjoy this stage knowing that soon enough it will be gone and you won't be able to recapture it.  Just keep playing with her, reading to her and interacting with her.  She'll figure out walking in her own time.

  • sgmitch-

    I very much agree with APmomma about not being stressed over her walking/not walking.  It sounds like you are very attentive and interact with her a lot, so no doubt-she is just talking her time.  


  • Your little one will walk before you know it. Until then, just have fun practicing with her and encouraging her. Once she does begin to walk....it'll be a whole new game! Until then enjoy her first birthday! Congrats!

  • Sgmitch- Your little girl will walk when you least expect it. :-) There really isn't anything you ought to be doing other than playing with her and loving on her. Sometimes babies have a lot of fun trying to walk between Mommy and Daddy when they are sitting on the floor. My son loved to do that, mostly because we were down on his level playing with him! I'd just sit back and let your little girl figure out when she is ready and get the house child-proofed while you can! :-) 


  • I agree with the rest of the comments... sometimes we get caught up in setting deadlines for our kids. Certainly, we need to be aware of any possible developmental delays and communicate them to the baby's pediatrician. But in this case, your baby seems to be doing just fine, so be patient and savor this time in her life!

  • Thanks for the advice guys.  I promise I'm not trying to rush her anything, and that I do always enjoy the stage she's in :). I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I should for her...she's our first, so I don't always know what that is.  I'm not worried about her development, I just want to be the best mommy I can :). Thanks again for your advice!

  • You are such a great mommy and so attentive. Keep the questions coming! :-)