Using a regular cup

  • Does anyone have any advice on teaching toddlers to use a regular cup?  My daughter wants to use one so badly,  but every time I try to show her how to and help her drink from a cup it ends up all down her front.  I've seen those cups that have a lip like a real cup, and a rubber piece to keep the water from spilling out, but have heard mixed reviews on them.  Any advice would be great!

  • Has your daughter mastered a sippy cup yet?  What about a sippy with a straw?  It seems that if you give her a chance to master the sippy cups-and there are many versions-then let her to progress to a cup with water in it (no stains!).  I'm interested to hear what other moms have to share,


  • She has mastered both.  We actually started giving her sippy cups at about 4 months old when she started solids.  She mastered the straw cup about a month ago.



  • Steph-

    That is awesome that your child has mastered both kinds of sippy cups!  She sounds well ahead developmentally. :)  If she has those down already I guess I would just do water in it until she really has it mastered. Let us know how things are going,

    Take care,


  • Sgmitch - I think you just have to take things slowly with the cup. I used to buy little kids plastic cups (so my son wouldn't break them) and just fill it barely a quarter full with some water for him to practice with. It just takes time for them to have the fine motor control to keep the cup from dumping everywhere. Use it for her to practice with but the sippy cups still for actual drinking. :-)

  • I agree, Water is your best bet, Just put a little in her cup at a time, she can always have refills. She just has to master the regular cup now. My daughter at 3 still spills from time to time.