my baby likes daddy more.

  • my daughter is 2 and  wants to have daddy in the room playing with her she never wants me to go in there. when i go in there she pushes me out the door, or she will scream at me until i leave it makes me feel like i am doing something wrong, or she doesn't love me. I am pregnant with our second child and she doesn't understand about me being pregnant. She also don't like sleeping in her own bed when we go to bed she wants to sleep in our bed until she falls asleep then we go put her in her own bed. in the middle of the night she wakes up running in our room and climbs into bed with us, what can we do to have her sleep on her own.

  • Angelkat30-

    It's really hard when our kids seem to favor one parent over another. My son is currently doing this to his father. He wants me to do EVERYTHING with him. Pick him up, put him in his car seat, put his jacket and shoes on, etc and NOT HIS FATHER. He yells and gets upset when my husband tries to help. It makes my  husband feel pretty rejected but just a couple of months ago, he was super into my husband and not me. This, too, will pass and your daughter will seem close to you again. She really does love you but toddlers don't know how personally hurt parents can feel. I try to just brush it off as little kid behavior and move on. At least your daughter has a great relationship with your husband and is close to him. If she is truly yelling and screaming, you might have your husband discuss with her how we treat mommy - with kindness. Be on the same page about that. I haven't dealt with the sleep issues in the middle of the night yet, so I'm hoping someone else can chime in on that! Hang in there!

  • i noticed when my oldest three were young that my husband was more likely to have a tea party then play with cars and vise versa. men spend most of their lives doing "manly" things, and i think it is new and exciting for them to have a little girl that they can do "girly" things with. my sons are all about spending time with mommy but my daughters always go to daddy first. in time this attachment will dissipate a little and your daughter will warm up to you more.

  • As much as it hurts, try not to look at it as a personal rejection. Your little girl is just super excited to have her daddy around and she probably sees you way more. Try to encourage their bonding because this will make it easier on you and them when you have the new baby and can' do EVERYTHING by yourself. Take this time to relax and catch up on things you want to do and rest assured that your daughter loves you!


  • Every child likes daddy more. That is obviousSmile

  • My middle child prefered his daddy for about 2 months and he did similar things to screaming at me, pushing me out of the room ect.   I let him get away with it the first time because I was a little shocked at it but, his father stopped playing with him immediately and told him, "You hurt mommy's feelings, that's not nice and I want mommy to play with us."  It worked but he did try this again a few more times but each time we did something about it and now he doesnt do it anymore, he asks everyone in the house if they want to play LOL.  It deffinately takes patience but these are the molding years!