hyper baby into everything

  • what are some good tips to keep my 10 month old out of everything? we have put up baracades and she gets threw them. dont ask me how.when she does get threw the baracaed to the kitchen, she onpens cabinets that cant be opened and is just everywhere in what seems like a second. i guess my question is how do i stop her from potentionally hurting her self?

  • You have a really good question!  It's amazing how kids can get into anything and everything.  I think that the first thing you need to do is get anything that is potentially harmful to her out of her reach.  To spite the fact that she can get through barriers, I am guessing that she isn't able to go upward.  So, all cleaners, chemicals, ANYTHING that she can choke on, ect get up high in cabinets.  Next, have you tried those children's safety locks on your cabinet doors?  They are made for kiddos as creative as yours is!  I would get those on all the lower cabinets, I still wouldn't store chemicals or anything harmful in those cabinets.  Next are those outlet guards that keep kids from getting shocked or burned from outlets.  I think that is a good place to start.  Let us know how it goes and if you need more guidance.

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  • I don't know what type of barricades you are using, but you can get baby gates that are designed specifically for active little guys! Some actually attach to the walls, while others are made to be removable. I echo Jess_BabyRN's advice about moving medications and dangerous chemicals. It only takes a second for a baby to get into something that is dangerous and the results can be deadly. Also, make sure that you close all doors to the bathroom--this will prevent your little one from getting into the toilet or bathtub which can be a dangerous situation. Also you'll probably want to close all doors to bedrooms as well to avoid further messes or dangerous situations. Even phone cords, blind cords, and computer cables can be strangling hazards. Also, don't forget to use a pack n play or playpen whenever you need to keep your baby contained and safe! My little one plays in there when I am cleaning and mopping! This way I can be sure he isn't into the chemicals or other stuff!

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    I wanted to check in with you and see how things are going.  We would love an update!


  • I would just say start by childproofing your entire house.  Get down on your hands and knee's and think like a child.  Once a baby gets to the age that they can crawl and walk around they want to explore their environment and they tend to get into everything.  It's actually a good thing because this is how they learn....just make sure there isn't any dangerous objects laying around that she can pick up that may cause her harm or anything that she can pull down on herself.  Make sure all chemicals, cleaners, and dangerous objects are locked away and kelp out of reach.  Create a safe environment for her to explore.  Hope this helps, good luck.Smile

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    What an awesome post!  Thanks so much for sharing your advice with us, I really appreciate it.

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