Sudden Accidents after almost 3 years of being potty trained?

  • hey moms! i need some advice.

    my husband and i we married last november, he had a daughter whoe will be 4 this june, to join my two little ones.

    She has been potty trained since she was 14 months, in the last about month to month in a half she has started having small accidents. its enough to completely wet her undies, but not enough to get her pants wet.  She doesnt tell us if she went in her pants, but she does know exactly when she went and will tell us where she was, for example my mother was babysitting last week and when i got home i checked her undies and they were wet, and my daughter was able to tell me "i peed when i was on the swing set and when i was sitting next to grandma" she had been in pee for almost two hours and my mother told me that because she knew she has been having problems with that she asked my daughter to go every 1/2 hour. 


    im not sure if it is just a lot of adjustments for her, or possibley having to do with attention? but i just dont want her to get break down or a uti from it. and nothing i have done has gotten her to stop. I'm not  yelling or putting her in time out, im just trying to get her to tell my why she keeps going. She hasnt not pooped in her pants, but her mother said when she spent the weekend there she did completly poop in her pants and sat in it, not saying a word. 

    i just really need some advice and  im open to anything! 

    thank you!Big Smile

  • Jess-

    This is a REALLY good question and I'm so glad that you posted it.  The first thing that I want to suggest is that you make her a doctors appointment.  There are several health conditions that can cause children who were potty trained to start having "accidents".  Thus, you really need to get her checked out.

    If everything is fine physically then I want to suggest that you think a bit about if there were any changes in her life around the time that she started with the accidents.  Where there any changes-good changes are just as stressful as hard changes.  Funny thing as I just answered this questions in a post on this board this week so I am going to copy and paste my response to that post as I think it addesses your concern, reply with questions. Big Smile

    "What yo son is going through is reflective of change or stress in his life.  It is normal for kids to regress when they have a stressful event or change in their life. When I say "regress" what I mean is that they will often loose a developmental milestone (or several) that they had mastered, in the face of change or stress.  This can be good change/good stress or hard change/hard stress-kids often respond the same.  I see this very commonly in five year olds when a new sibling enters the family.  The 5 year old child can be very excited about their new brother or sister, and very excited about being a big brother/sister-but suddenly start having urine and stool accidents-and they had been potty trained for a year!  With time and calm consistency they regain this temp. lost developmental milestone and all is fine again.  The reassurance that I can offer you is that he will regain his ability to sail smoothly through the night, and you are doing everything that needs to be done to help him get there.  It's going to take patience, and I know you most likely feel maxed out on patience, but give it a bit more time. 


  • i have an app. for her on the 12th so im hoping all is good and it may just be a stress related thing.  we have a couple things that are going on that could relate to the stressful part, thank you so much for your advice!

  • I agree that you should have her checked out...many little girls get bladder infections that manifest themselves with "sudden accidents". Let us know how it goes at the doctor's apt. If she checks out okay, then she just may be "too busy" to go to the bathroom right now and waiting too long. My little boys do that sometimes..they wait too long because they are engrossed in play!


  • Your doctor appointment is tomorrow - let us know how it goes! I hope they can give you some answers and help.

  • I wanted to check in and see how that appointment went today.  I have been thinking about you and hope that you get some reassurance, or and or an answer.

    Let us know how things are going,

    Take care,