What to do when my new born arrives so my almost 2yrs old baby boy don't get attitud towards the bb. Help pls!

  • I have a soon to be 2 years old baby boy (may 30 will be 2). And he is used to have all my attention since he is the only baby in the house for now and I am a stay home mom. He has a very strong personality. When kids come ove to the house he don't want the to touch his toys and don't like when they get to close to me. It makes me kind of worry that he will start acting aggressive with the baby because the baby is having attention from me. Like what should I do when the baby arrives so my 2yrs old son will not get jealous of the baby and want to interact with his lil brother?? Can somebody help me please..
  • There are a couple of things you can do to help your 2 year old adjust to his new sibling. For starters, make sure you discuss that you are having a new baby with him, so it doesn't come as quite a shock. When the baby is born...be sure you spend lots of time with your son. Let others hold the baby when possible so you can snuggle on the couch with your 2 year old or take him to get ice cream. Make sure you tell him how important he is to you and how glad you are that he is a big boy so he can help with the baby. Give him jobs to do to make him feel important and special. Let him know that it is his job to help care for the baby too! He could rub lotion on the baby's feet, get his pacifiers for you, and even help pick out his pajamas at night. This will all help him bond with his little brother. Chances are he'll be fine and will actually be very protective of his brother as if he were his favorite NEW toy! Good luck! 

  • First off congrats on the new edition to come as scary as it seems to have two "babies" its very rewarding to see them as "little parents" to their siblings. My little girls are 13 months apart and i was terrified of how my oldest daughter would react but to my suprise she turned out to be a great BIG sister. While i was prego i let her play big sissy with her baby dolls and tried as best as i could to help her understand that mommy was going to have a new baby too. When she was finally born it wasnt that big of a change, i spent my time with her while lil sister slept and she helped to small things to help with lil sister like get her burp rags and pacifers. She loved the idea of being mommy big helper and still does today except instead of being a big sister she is now the mommy. She is 3 and learning how to dress herself ontop of learning how to dress her lil sister and now she tells everyone she is her mommy beacuse to dresses her. So even as they get bigger it rewarding to see them still being the big helpers of the house. Good luck and i hope this helps somewhat.


  • I think that you have gotten some great advice from others on the board.  The two things that I always suggest are:

    1-Make that big brother/sister feel VERY important for their role as that BIG brother.  Give him helping roles-"can you be in charge of talking to the baby while I change his diaper so he is not afraid?"  Have him help with getting a bottle, blanket or picking out socks for the little one.  He can be "Mommy's special helper".  Tons of positive reinforcement!

    2-Set aside special time for Big brother and mom and with dad that is without the sibling and consistent every week.  For example every Tuesday at 3pm Big brother goes with dad for ice cream, or to the park, or a special game.  This consistency will comfort his anxiety about loosing mom/dad.

    Let us know how things are going!


  • How are things going with your two year old? When are you due? Just checking in to see how you were!

  • Thanks everyone for the advices. And im sorry i didnt respond earlier i was so busy running back and front getting last minutes preparations for the arrival of the new baby. I really love all your advices. Well what i am doing right now its telling him that he is going to be a big brother soon and that there will be a new baby in the house and also i have been putting shows where are babies and telling him look baby.. And he jump around saying baby baby and wants to be kissing my belly. Also when he is eating he takes some and say baby and then put it in my mouth. Lol thats so sweet of him. He is always asking for the baby and he likes to baby talk to my belly... My due date its in june 11 BUT i have already been going to the hospital with contractions and had to get ivs to stoped them and even got a inyection so i can hold the baby inside for a lil longer... Thanks for asking ang again thanks every1 for the advices
  • Madie0827-

    Thanks so much for the update.  It sounds like time is going quickly for you!  Keep us posted.


  • I am going thru the same thing as I have a 20 month old and I am due with in a few weeks with another baby girl. My almost two year old is a very assertive child. I have asked and told her she is going to be a big sister soon. She is not having it. I have tried the doll things but she is not having that. I ask her does she want a baby sister she simply says no. I even try to let her kiss my tummy and tell her the baby is in there but all she does is poke or want to smack my stomach. She is a big time mama's girl since I just became a stay at home mom. She follows me every where. I am wondering how she is going to react with another baby in the house. I have tried some of the advice you have offered the other mom but it has not worked with this child. ;(

  • Hi everyone, just want to let you all know that my baby boy is now 8 days. The coolest thing is that he was born in the same birthday with my two years old. And everything has been awesome with my two years old boy... He LOVES his lil brother.. Since the arrival of my new born the two yrs old has been really calm.. He loves to hold,kiss,give the baby the pacifier. When the baby cries the two yrs old runs to me saying mom, baby milk. Lol. He is judt all over his baby brother. He dont go to sleep without giving the baby a gn kiss n when he wakes up the fisrt thing he says is "baby kiss" and give hime a kiss.. I just love the way my boy is with his lil brother.. I couldnt be any happier.. And for the mom with the same problem i hope that everything turn out as good as my case.. And good luck
  • Since every child goes through this stage some are more welcoming than other. My son is two and at first he didn't get that there was a baby in my tummy but as it grew i continue letting him know that he was going to be a big brother, having my family members ask him, if he was going to have a lil sister made him realize little by little and understand. I also read him the Berenstain bears and the welcoming of his little sister (new baby).  but I do advice to let her come to you, dont push it too much, just keep educating her and play taking care of a baby. Spend lots of time with her, it will get harder once your new born arrives. Once the baby arrives do ask her to help you with minor things like getting a diaper. Good luck!