Food Trouble

  • My son is 2 years old and we are having a hard time getting him to eat fruit & veggies or dinner all together. My mother-in-law makes him a different kind of soup everyday for lunch with all kinds of veggies in it, which he eats with not problem but when we give him veggies at dinner he won't eat them. Fruit he won't eat or let alone try. I've tried every kind of fruit, I've even had him pick the fruit out at the store, we get home and nope won't eat it. He has been a picky eater since he was about 10 months old, so that's not new it's just getting worse.  Now it seems like he won't eat anything we put in front of him for dinner...any suggests???

  • Amy-Food troubles seem to be one of the most common topics discussed here.  I want to start by asking if you have read the post Dinner Time Struggles--UGH!!!  a few posts down on the same board.  Take a took at that and then let me know what you think and what questions you have,


  • Jess- I did read the Dinner Time Struggles, the problem I'm having is he won't even put fruits or veggies near his mouth. You put it on his plate and he pushes it away. I've even ignored him at times but that does help. I'm just looking to see if anyone has any ideas on how I can get a stubborn 2 year old to eat fruit & veggies. He doesn't even drink juice (which I'm fine with) but he doesn't like it. I've tried to let him pick out what he wants and it's always cheese if or crackers. Even when I take him to the store in the fruit section I let him pick what he would like but then he won't try it..even anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. He is my only child so I don't have any help with a sibbling.


  • Not sure this will work but it is a favorite of my kids... I cut apple slices very thin and then put some yogurt into a dipping cup. They eat more yogurt than the apples, but after a while, I started serving the apples without the yogurt and they now love apples. Hope this helps!

  • My only advice to you is to keep putting things in front of him and encouraging him to take a bite. We have a new rule in our house. I put a tiny portion of what we are having for dinner on my son's plate. Let's say it's chicken, bread, and a vegetable. He, of course, would eat only rolls for dinner if we let him. The rule is that he can have another roll once he finishes what is on his plate. Some days he will chose to eat it and other days  he walks away. He certainly does not have to finish his plate if he isn't hungry, but he won't get more of the "good stuff". If he is truly hungry, the food gets eaten.  My son can be pretty stubborn with vegetables - fruit is usually okay. Have you tried those squeezable packs of applesauce and fruits/veggies that stores have now? Good luck! 

  • Amy429,

    My son eats like a horse, but my niece does not. I have found her to be the most stubborn toddler yet for what she likes to eat. While my niece eats veggies and fruit like its going out of style, we have had such a hard time getting her to eat anything else. I found a suggestion here, to give small amounts of food, so on her try we place what we know she will eat, with something iffy. We just kept doing this with certain things and now she is starting to take the hint and try it. I also play a game of who can eat all their dinner with her and because I am auntie it seems to work....I bought her a plate with her fairy princesses on it, I put her meal on it and have her sit right next to me. Then I tell her is she can see her picture before I am done with my meal, she gets to pick the movie we watch at relax time or the snack for later in the afternoon, desert at dinner, where we go for our walk. You see my son is 6 months younger then her and he eats anything you put in front of him, he has since we started him of "food". But my niece... it has taken patience and I am sure you have done an awesome job, hang in there. If my niece will start eating and trying food I am sure your son will do the same. One last thing...we change the form the food came in, she didn't like spaghetti because the meat was little pieces. Now we make actual meatballs and she will eat them hands down, maybe try making fruit balls? or grapes as ice cubes? Good luck and best wishes!!! I like you am a first time mom of one and I am learning a lot.

    Best Wishes,


  • Thanks everyone for the feedback..I know this is very common with kids his age and not eating or not eating the right foods. It's nice to have this discussion board to ask other parents instead of doctors what I can try. I'm going to try all of your suggestions..wish me luck!

  • Amy-I think the others have given you great suggestions as well.  I have a few patients who love the V8 infusion juices as a last resort (for mom/dad).  Has the vitamins in it and kids like it.  Keep up the good work, Jess