• oh my! i have a soon to be 3 yr old little girl. shes still in pull-ups. it frustrates me because i shouldnt have to buy them anymore and its bad enough i have a 2 month old to buy diapers for. i also have a 4 yr old son, hes potty trained but he was only in pull-ups for a little bit once my 2 yr old was born so there fore i only had to buy double diapers for a short time so that i liked. now back to my 2 yr old girl. we have tried the same method we used for our first child our 4yr old but shes just on the go go go too busy playing and always runs away from us wen we need to check her or just ask her if she needs to go. we ask her many times what she needs to do if she needs to go potty and she KNOWS but shes just too busy playing with her cousins and brother. we tried to put her in panties but she honestly doesnt care if she pees on ehrself pr goes #2 in her panties she will just run around until she comes near us and we'll ask her shell sometimes say no because she thinks shes in trouble, we tell her she wont get in trouble if tells the truth. IDK what else to do, i tried out today to just have her sit on HER little toilet and demanded she cant get off til she does SOMETHING so she did only twice today, YAY! but the main thing that she does that frustrates me is she WHINES and WHINES while sitting on the toilet or wen i tell her to go to the toilet she would scream and cry out loud like i hurt her or something. today she was less than the usual but if you ahve any other tips pls share! thanks!

  • Francinenini-

    It sounds like you have some serious potty training boot camp going on!  My suggestions would be this:

    -put your daughter on a potty schedule, every 2-3 hours for example. 

    -At her time have her sit on potty for a set amount of time-either a song or a timer 2 minutes?

    -Just for going, sitting and trying she should get a lot of positive reinforcement.  "GREAT JOB trying the potty chair" "You are such a BIG girl!"

    -With the positive reinforcement start a sticker or check chart.  On the chart everytime she sits on the potty chair for her assigned amount of time she gets to put either a small sticker or a check on a chart. 

    -Make  deal with her that for every so many checks or stickers she gets something bigger-a game with mom or dad, a 50 cent-1$ toy, trip to park with you, special time, ect.  I try to stay away from food, but jelly beans or M and Ms aren't a bad idea either.

    -As she has more success then raise the ante a bit-she gets stickers for going pee or poo in the potty.  Then once so many stickers she gets a positive reward.

    -Try to not get emotionally involved with her.  Stay very neutral and be very consistent with her.

    -It's important that everyone in the house is on the same page-so she gets the same reward for doing the same potty schedule with mom, dad, grandma, ect.

    Give this a try and let me know how things are going.  I think she will catch on to this pretty fast.


  • Jess has given you some great ideas for how to get her to accept potty training..my suggestion is to eliminate pull-ups all together. If you believe that she is truly ready to potty train, then pull-ups can confuse the issue sometimes because they are so much like diapers and feel like diapers. I know it will be messy for a few days or even a week, but MOST kids don't like the feel of being wet, so they adjust rather quickly. Before you are ready to start pick a last day for pull-ups and tell her that tomorrow she is going to be a big girl and no more diapers or pull-ups. Then when she wakes up, take her to the potty and say goodbye to pull-ups. Then put her in big girl panties and let her go. Make sure to give her plenty to drink over the next week so she doesn't get constipated or anything and take her to the potty every hour or so. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • thank you! i appreciate the advice a whole lot, but we HAVE tried the whole "cut turkey" with the pull ups and boooiiii did she NOT care about her being wet or being stinky while she plays. her cousins and brother would even put her on blast by saying out loud that something stinks and stuff. so! right now we have her in pull ups at nite only wen she sleeps and during the day shes in panties and were not so lazy nemore on asking her ot just taking her to the toilet. yesterday and the day before i took her straight to the toilet without asking if she needed it and shes been going in her toilet wen we do take her every 30 min or so. shes had accidents but its part of the process right? :)

  • my 4 years old boy started potty training at 2 1/2, and for me, it was very easy even when he is a boy. boy tend to go to the restroom in different way because they have to stand up to pee and sit to make #2. for girls is easier because we don't change positions. what i did was to give my child a lot of water, juce, etc. (liquids) and ask him to go to the restroom every hour. we spended like 10 minutes in front of the toilet waiting for the "pee". if he didn't pee in that hour we waited until the next hour, but never stop drinking water. one day, we were in the toilet like the other days, and he started to pee, he didn't know what was happening, so i told him if he could do it again, and it worked. we dance and sing celebrating what he did.

  • This is some great advice... I have a 3-year old who is also transitioning from pull-ups and it's been a challenge. We have tried many of the things mentioned above, but sometimes it's one step forward and two steps back. Keep in mind that this can also be traumatic and that sometimes backing off has as many benefits than being aggressive. Kids are all so different, so you don't want to make more out of it than they can handle.

  • Yes accidents are all part of the process and unfortunately there is no getting around it. Just try to be as consistent as you can with taking her to the bathroom and then praise her when she does go. Try to keep the whole experience as positive as you can. Good luck--it sounds like you are well on your way there. Hang in there!


  • Francinenin-

    Its been awhile since you posted so I wanted to check in and see how things are going for you?  I have been thinking about you and would love an update!! :)