• I will take any advice anyone can give me. My son is 15 months and drinks from a sippee cup all day everyday and has been for awhile but he is very picky when it comes to his milk. he has to have it warm and out of a bottle, so i was still giving it to him when he wake up in the middle of the night (yes smh my 15 month old is still waking up at night Sad) anyways i spoke to his doctor and she said i need to stop giving it to him in the middle of the night and that will then stop him from waking up but these last 2 nights that i havent given it to him has been a disaster its been alot of crying and fussing in the middle of the night so long nights early mornings for me.


    Any advice?

  • This is hard stuff!!  I'd have to agree with his doctor that he needs to go through the night without that bottle, and what this means is -an adjustment.  The good thing is you have gotten through the first two days.  It generally takes a few days, and then things start to improve.  The best thing you can do is stick with the plan-even though it is very hard.  Do your best to offer him other things for comfort-blanket, stuffed animal, or even to be held, then back into bed.  It will get better, it just takes time and consistency.

    Hang in there,


  • thank you it has been extremely difficult ive been so tried because he crys for so long before falling back asleep and then i have to get up so early lol (life of a mother i love it) last night i had him stay with my mom but he still didnt get the bottle so thats 3 nights so im excited hopefully it doesnt take more than a week :) Big Smile

  • Does he use a pacifier? That may not be preferable, but if it allows him and you a solid night's sleep, this can ease the transition possibly.

  • Keep up the good work, 3 nights is huge progress!  I totally agree with AnswerDad in that anything you can give him, outside of that bottle, for comfort will help both him and you.  Keep up the good work and keep us posted!

    :) Jess

  • Tikarayson - it's been a couple more nights now. Any improvement? We just took my son's pacifier away and it was a rough couple of nights and some skipped naps during the day but he is back to his normal sleeping habits now. I hope you are hanging in there! Let us know. :-) 

  • all is well as i mentioned with the bottle, he no longer wakes up in the middle of the night for a bottle which is GREATTTTT!!!! :)

    i am curious to know how long it took for your baby to go without the paci before hfe got back to normal though, i was going to give my son about a month of sleeping thru the night before i started taking the paci away completely i want to start giving it to him less and less within the next couple of weeks though but i fear getting him off the paci will be harder than getting him off the bottle.

  • yes, unfortunately  he does use a paci that will be the next thing to go but i am HAPPY to announce that after the third night all was good and i couldnt be happier.  as i said the paci will be the next thing to go and then hello potty training lol.

  • I'm so impressed with your hard work and success!  GREAT JOB! In regard to the binki-I think about things like bottles and binki's as "comfort/coping mechanisms".  As you took the bottle away you offered him the binki for when it's time to let go of the binki think of something that you can trade with him for it.  Often time we move to a stuffed animal or special blanket.  We all need a way to comfort ourselves, so often helpful to consider this plan when changing from baby comfort to toddler, to child, to teen, ect.

    Great work again!


  • Thank you!! thats a great idea thanks you all for your advice :)

  • When my son was 2, we told him that the pacifier fairy was going to come tonight. He put all his pacifiers into an envelope that we decorated and left it outside the door. He was told that the fairy would take it to babies who needed it to sleep and he was a big boy now. In the morning, he looked outside and found a small toy that the fairy left. It seems silly but he took it VERY seriously that babies needed help and that they needed his pacifiers. ;-) He woke up a few times that night and gave up a few naps but settled back into his sleep patterns pretty quickly. Good luck! 

  • PediNurse lol that idea made me smile but honestly i feel like that may work it kind of give him the opportunity to give it up on his own while having the heart to help other kids i love it. Thank you

  • Have we tried the removal of the pacifier yet? We started with only allowing it in the crib, then no naps. Just about a month ago, my husband and I decided to try taking it completely, it worked!! Our now 18 month old don't use it! It only took 2 nights! I think it was harder on me, I felt awful. But I knew it was time. It now sleeps through the entire night. We use to have to search for them in the middle of the night with he'd wake, but not anymore!!!! He now sleeps when our 2 month old wakes! It's wonderful!!! Good luck and keep us posted!!!