Scared of the dark

  • It has been over a year ago that we moved into a new home.  My daughter, who is now almost 4, use to share a room with her older brother and younger brother.  She now has a room to herself.  Almost every night see tells us that she is scared of the dark and the monsters.  All she wants to do is sleep in our room.  It feels like she has moved in.  I feel like we have tried everything to get her to stay in her room but it just does not seem to work.  We just had our 4th in Feb, a girl, she is also in our room right now but will be moving up stairs in the next few weeks.  So they will be sharing a room.  Any ideas on how to get her to enjoy and sleep in her own room.  My husband and i would love to have our room back.

  • Lovefamily6-

    It sounds like you have a house full of kiddos!  What a blessing. ;)  I can certainly understand it being time to have your room back though.  You might try putting her in the big sister role, and move both of them into her room at once.  If it's her job to be a big sister and keep the baby company at night her room may start looking a lot better to her.  I also think it would be a good idea to get her a night light, soft music to help her fall asleep and a nightly moster inspection may help with any anxieties.

    Let us know how things are going, fingers crossed!


  • At 4 it is natural to be a little afraid of being in her room by herself. In order to combat this, I bought a few fun things that seemed to help. There is something called a "rainbow in your room" that shines a rainbow on the wall...this brightens up the room and makes it less scary. You could also get her a fish tank for her room. This will brighten the room like a nightlight and also give her something to watch as she falls asleep. If this doesn't work, then maybe when you put the baby in her room she will feel better. Just keep moving her back to her bed when she gets up and make sure her room isn't too bright or too dark. Good luck!

  • Night light is a great idea. My wife and I have three girls and another baby on the way in early '13, and maintaining our private space as been nearly impossible. We have been very good about starting out our girls in their own beds, but most nights, they come into our bed in the middle of the night. At that point, my wife and I are too excited to fight the battle of escorting them back to their beds, so we let it happen. With two girls in our bed, I usually vacate and get an hour or two on the couch! Our third child is getting close to being able to climb out of her crib, so who knows what will happen! If we were more disciplined, we probably would have nipped this in the bud long ago, but we are not. Good luck!

  • I too have a four year old and at night she always has on a pink lava lamp when she goes to bed. They're perfect for night time and provide the perfect amount of light in her room. Plus they're cheap, I bought mine for my daughter for only five bucks like 6 months ago and it's still kickin.

  • Lol, I love the lava lamp!  There are so many cool ways to do lights for kiddos.  Safety first, but there are lots of great theme lights at stores like Target.  I have some cool colored lights (on a string) on my deck that would make a cool night type light.  I also have a big star that glows pink-seems like girls might like that as well.  Oh the options!


  • Thank you all for your great ideas.  I love the different light ideas.  She would love all of that.  We were on vacation last week sharing a room so it is going to be a battle these next couple of days.  Hopefully we will find what works.  Thank you again for all the ideas.  I will keep you updated.  :)

  • Just a small update.  My daugher has spent several nights in her own room!!  We gave her one of my husbands white shirts for her to wear and told her it was a "no scare shirt".  That if she wore it she would know that mommy and daddy were hugging her and with her.  It seems to work.  Now we just have to get her to stay in her room when ever she hears thunder.  But this a step forward.

  • Great news! It certainly makes the night more peaceful and lets everyone get more rest! Congrats and I hope it keeps going!

  • What a great idea, Lovefamily6! So great that it worked! It's actually a really sweet idea too - I love that having her daddy's shirt helped her feel more brave and confident. :-) Congrats!

  • Lovefamily6, why not try to put a glow in the dark pictures and a soft music.