advice regarding potty training

  • Hello, i have a 22 month old he will turn 2 this October and i just had my second baby this June, so i have my hands full aside form a full time job and going to school. I am trying to figure out when would be the best time to Potty train my first son. what will make the transition easier for him? 

  • Angelica_m-

    You are going to be one busy momma with a toddler/preschooler and a new baby!  I generally encourage parents to wait until their kiddos are 24 months to start potty training as prior to that they just aren't ready from a physical standpoint.  Then starting at a time when you best (and I know there is no best time) have time to commit to it.  Using sticker charts or any kind of positive reinforcement will help a lot as well.  Let us know how things are going!


  • Well, most little boys take a bit of time potty training but each one is different! Does he show any signs he is interested in the potty? I'd get some books from the library and read about using the potty, buy some big boy underwear to get him excited about ditching his diapers, and perhaps even a potty seat for the toilet. Lots of mothers use some reward charts where a certain number of stickers equals a prize. Hopefully other people can chime in here and give some ideas. Good luck!

  • Before you bust out the big kid underwear, you need to be sure that he is really ready...this means both physically ready and emotionally ready. Most boys potty train a bit later than girls, but every child is different. Does he wake up from naps dry? Does he seem bothered by wet or dirty diapers? Does he know how to pull his pants up and down? If not, then he may not be ready to try potty training yet and pushing him to do so will only end in tears for both you and him. Hang in there and if the diapers are really making you crazy, then try putting him on the potty in the morning and throughout the day to see how he does. You'll know after a few weeks how ready he really is. If he is not ready, then don't fret---he will be one day!

  • All great advice! Trying to potty train too early will just lead to unnecessary frustration for you and negative feelings associated with using the potty for your son. Try not to rush things and as suggested above, there are dozens of quality potty training books so kids associate potty training as a fun and positive experience. Good luck!