Terrible 2's

  • I have a two year old and im trying to potty train her befor the baby gets here in december, its not working. She goes when she wants to. She gets easily distracted and will then use it on her self. At times we fight for her to even go use the bathroom. I encourage, support and reward her for progress that she makes but it dosent seem to stick with her. What do I do?

  • Unfortunately, it sounds like she is not quite ready yet for potty training. At 2 years old, many children are just not physically or emotionally ready and "making" her potty train is only going to be a miserable experience for you both. Instead, just focus on keeping the potty interesting. Offer her chances to go, but don't make it stressful. Watch fun potty videos and read fun potty books. When she is ready, it will be a much easier experience. It isn't that bad to change two diapers at one time! I have a newborn and an almost 3 year old boy who isn't ready and it isn't hard...just make an assembly line! LOL! 

    Good luck and don't stress. Many girls are ready by 2 1/2 - 3, and she just may need a few more months to mature. 

  • I just want to support what MommyRN posted in that she may not be ready yet.  I also agree that the harder you push, the harder it's going to be.  While it's important to be invested, it's also important for this to be her thing.  Lots of positive reinforcement is what I always suggest...so sticker charts are always worth a good try.  Let us know how things are going,


  • My son was born 10 days before my first son turned 3 and I was determined not to have 2 in diapers. I told my son that he is to pee in the potty and not on my floor. I would have him play with no pants or diaper on so he could make it to the potty easier in the beginning. He didn't fight me on it so me telling him no more diapers wasnt an issue. There were days that he said he wanted a diaper on and I told him no that diapers are for babies and he is a big boy. I would give him lots of praise and stickers when he would use the potty and it worked. I would put a diaper on him at night so he wouldnt have accidents and he would end up waking me up in the middle of the night to pee because he refused to go in the diaper. He turned 3 in July and is fully potty trained even at night he doesnt wear any diapers or pull ups.

  • I'd echo what the other mothers say and just encourage her along but don't make it a fight. I have a 3 year old boy who could care LESS if he uses the potty. We are working on encouraging him but it's quite obvious that he just isn't ready. We have a newborn as well and while we do use a fair number of diapers, it's not too terrible. Often, immediately after the baby is born, an older child will go backwards a bit and start needing diapers again for a while. Don't be too discouraged if that happens - she will progress eventually! :-)